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Do you perform Baseline ECG's in your Home Care Agency?

"30% of patients Post-CABG experience atrial fibrillation."
- Matthew, JP, ETAL., 1996

"34.6% of patients experience atrial arrhythmias post cardiac surgery, with a range of 9% - 92%"
- Crisswell, 1993


 Qualifying Patients for Use

Home Single Lead ECG Monitoring

  1. Home ECG Monitoring is completed to assess the electrical functioning of myocardium in an unstable or recovering cardiac patient population.
  2. ECG monitoring is not intended to be a diagnostic tool for the patient experiencing angina or coronary ischemia. Patients experiencing ischemia require emergency intervention service outside of home care capabilities.
  3. Single lead ECG assessment is indicated for patient's meeting one of the following criteria:
  • Patients with reported new ECG changes
  • Patients who have experienced a recent arrhythmia episode
  • Patients currently receiving home inotrope infusions
  • Patients with a new onset of an irregular pulse
  • Patients who have experience a myocardial infarction within the last five days
  • Patients with a new onset of dizziness/light-headedness
  • Patients with a new medication regimen of digoxin or antiarrhythmics

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  Qualifying patients for use

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