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Do you perform Baseline ECG's in your Home Care Agency?

"30% of patients Post-CABG experience atrial fibrillation."
- Matthew, JP, ETAL., 1996

"34.6% of patients experience atrial arrhythmias post cardiac surgery, with a range of 9% - 92%"
- Crisswell, 1993


Universal ECG™ Testimonials

"In designing a new practice from scratch when I returned to practice after an illness, I faced challenges and opportunities. From the lessons of my prior 27 years in practice, I needed to design and implement systems that would be cost effective, upgradeable, paperless and easy to maintain. Since reimbursement for ECG's from insurers and Medicare has fallen to the area of around $34 I had strict budget issues to assure a reasonable ROI for doing office ECGs at all.

After scanning the available products, my choice of QRS for EKG was an easy one. Simplicity of use was an impressive plus for the system. The fact that paper ECG use/storage could be eliminated fit well with my need for an electronic medical record. The very reasonable price was a pleasant surprise...

The software for ECG interpretation has been excellent and highly reliable. There is adequate disk capacity to store thousands of ECG's and a system backup was easily available off the shelf at my local computer store for under $120.00.

ECG's are so fast and easy to perform that I have no need for a technician. I perform them myself as part of the exam when appropriate. Patients marvel at the equipment and love the extra time (about 4 minutes) it takes to put on the leads and run the test. For a small to moderate size practice, this system is an excellent choice for office based ECGs."

Sam Sugar, MD
Evanston, IL


"I cannot overstate the joy with which the system was received, and, by the way, how impressed I was with the Universal ECG. It is a tremendous system, convenient and easy to use. It is substantially superior to two larger hospital-based EKG computer systems that I have used at two large Hospitals here in Nashville.....

Brian R. McMurray, MD, FACP, FACEP
Brentwood, TN


"The Universal ECG has expanded our services for patient convenience and also for detection of cardiac problems on-site. The staff and I are impressed with the simplicity of the operation yet it delivers a comprehensive report with the click of a button. The very first day we were offering EKGs a patient complained of chest pain and shortness of breath. We were able to diagnose his condition, which was very serious and required admission to the intensive care unit. Time in this particular case was essential and the EKG assisted us in providing excellent care and saving his life.


I would recommend this device for every medical operation. Please stay in touch. We always enjoy hearing from you!"

Andy, Felicia, Karen & Dave
Medi Quick Clinic
Grenada, MS



"Hello to the folks at QRS!

I am writing today because your product line would be very useful in my job. I am (a) home health nurse.. and have dreamt for years about computer devices that would speed up the time consuming and expensive tasks involved in taking vital signs, lugging around the pulse oximetry machine (if one is available), then having to return it to the office (32 miles round trip), and having to record mountains of patient information again and again on every patient. We used to get rhythm strips on patients but stopped because we couldn't transmit the information to the M.D., at least not in a timely fashion. So we do everything with paper and pencil, just like nurses did 200 years ago, I suppose. So when I saw your banner in "All Things CE" I just couldn't believe it, finally somebody invented the wheel. I was ready to order every item on your menu, I could use all of them".. I (was) just waiting for the day (my CE device) could take and record vitals, oximetry readings, EKG strips, etc., and date stamp the results with the patients' I.D., this would save me at least five hours per week and who knows the value of having consistently accurate, reliable data. This translates to over $5,000 a year just in salary alone! Every home health agency in the country will be knocking on your door!"

Fred Hondel R.N.


"The new peripherals developed by QRS Diagnostic provide an opportunity for improving disease management for patients with Asthma, CHF, COPD and Cardiac conditions. The QRS medical device system promises to connect patients and their providers with a wide variety of platforms across the Internet."


Barb Johnston,
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Kaiser Permanente



"The physician's ability to obtain vital data at the point of care is essential if we are to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs... Adaptable technologies that provide this degree of accuracy and affordability bring the goal of ambulatory disease management one step closer to reality."

Charles Jaffe, MD, PhD,
Director of Medical Informatics, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
Chairman, Clinical Information Systems of the American Medical Informatics Association



"PCT has for some time now been investigating measurement technologies for use in the home. QRS' approach is uniquely well suited to our company's vision of patient-oriented care management software. As the convergence of computing and consumer electronics enables simple, patient-oriented in-home information systems, the QRS technology is ideally suited to play a role in tomorrow's telecare systems."

Mark Braunstein, MD
President of Patient Care Technologies in Atlanta, GA

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